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20 Least-Healthy Food Fads Endorsed by Celebrities

Blood Type Diet

An avid follower of the blood type diet, Miranda Kerr practices eating foods suited for her blood type. For instance, people with type A blood should eat lots of fruits and vegetables but avoid any meat. Blood type O carriers are supposed to eat high-protein foods with little grains, beans, and dairy. The blood type diet is considered pseudoscience because no medical literature has been published about it, not even by its own creator.

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Dukan Diet

Kate Middleton supposedly went on the Dukan Diet months before her royal wedding. The Dukan diet claims to get you to your “true weight” by reforming eating habits. While it doesn’t focus on calorie counting, the Dukan diet works in four phases. Phase one is protein-based, phase two adds veggies, phase three allows fruit, starches, and dairy, and phase four includes all food groups. The diet is restrictive on when to add things back into your diet. “Even the slightest slip-up is considered destructive,” says U.S. News Health.

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Raw Food Diet

Raw, uncooked, and unpasteurized foods are the center of the raw food diet. Woody Harrelson says the diet increased his energy levels. The research backing the diet is lacking as it claims that ingredients lose essential enzymes when cooked above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. It happens naturally anyway when food enters your stomach. The diet itself is inconvenient and requires a lot of work to maintain.

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Baby Food Diet

Jennifer Aniston is said to have followed the baby food diet to stay slender. Creator Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer who now denies creating the diet, says to substitute regular meals with 14 jars of pureed baby food to reduce caloric intake. However, babies and adults require different nutrients, and the diet is lacking in fiber, calcium, and vitamin D.

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Whole30 Diet

The popular Whole30 diet has been endorsed by many celebrities like Busy Philipps and Jessica Biel. The 30-day diet sounds like a life-changer in theory: it eliminates cravings, cures acne, allergies, and depression, and improves sleep among other claims. In reality, cutting back on entire food groups will make you drop the pounds, but it’s easy to regain all the weight back once the diet is over.

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Ketogenic Diet

Keto focuses on a high-fat, moderate-protein diet with no carbs or sugar, to activate a state of fat-burning ketosis. Mick Jagger and Alec Baldwin are some of the notable names who swear by keto. While rapid weight loss is likely, keto is not a long-term, sustainable solution for healthy living. The long-term effects of being on a keto diet are still unknown by health experts.

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Juice Cleanses

Salma Hayek attributes her iconic figure to juice cleanses. Cutting out entire food groups is a sure-fire way to shed inches off your waist, but once you introduce solids back to your diet, the pounds will come right back. Plus, you lose good fiber from fruits in the juicing process.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

Apple cider vinegar is popular among celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham. You can take a shot a day to help with weight loss and improve your immune system. It’s not a good long-term solution to keeping off the inches. There hasn’t been much research performed to support the claim that it can detoxify your system.

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Alkaline Diet

The claims behind the alkaline diet are pretty bold: by eating less acidic food, your system will be able to fight off cancer. Kelly Ripa and Tom Brady are just a few celebrities who follow this diet trend to balance pH levels in their bodies. Your body already regulates pH levels and messing with the pH balance can be dangerous. Lower pH levels can lead to bone loss, inflammation, and high blood sugar.

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Lectin-Free Diet

Kelly Clarkson endorses the lectin-free diet. She says it helped her lose weight gained from her autoimmune disease and thyroid problem. Dr. Robert Eckel, past president of the American Heart Association, says that the diet goes “against every dietary recommendation represented by the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and so on.” A lectin-free diet can alter the way your body effectively absorbs nutrients.

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Celery Juice

The celery juice diet is followed because of its claims to treat digestion, skin problems, fatigue, and autoimmune diseases. Some celebrities who have practiced the diet include Naomi Campbell and Robert De Niro. There isn’t enough research to prove how beneficial drinking 16 ounces of celery juice can be on an empty stomach.

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Activated Charcoal Drinks

Activated charcoal (not to be confused with the kind used to keep fires burning) is normally used for poisoning or overdose emergencies. With its toxin-absorbing abilities, it’s no wonder that activated charcoal has found its way into diets. Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow advocate for drinking charcoal lemonade for detoxing. Health experts don’t suggest drinking it because charcoal can absorb nutrients from the food you eat throughout the day.

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Prepackaged diets like Nutrisystem cut down calories by using portion control. Melissa Joan Hart endorses Nutrisystem, saying the convenience factor has helped her slim body down after having her third child. The problem with prepackaged meals is that the chemicals in preservatives can slow down your metabolism.

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Paleo Diet

The paleo diet prohibits anything processed. That cuts out refined sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes but encourages eating meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Matthew McConaughey attributes his physique to eating paleo “90% of the time.” The diet isn’t sustainable in the long run because it is so restrictive.

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Katie Price’s Meal Replacements

Meal replacement shakes aren’t new to the diet world, and Katie Price’s aren’t any different. Katie Price Nutrition boasts weight loss with lower calories, low-fat, and low glycemic index while still providing your body with good nutrients. But people sensitive to gluten wouldn’t be wise to consume her meal replacements. Also, studies show that calcium caseinate (casein) can lead to cancer growth.

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5:2 Diet

The 5:2 diet is an intermittent fasting plan. Benedict Cumberbatch and Hugh Jackman are said to have followed the 5:2 diet. The guidelines for the 5:2 diet are eating normally for five days and less than 500 calories for two days (called “fasting days”). Because you’re eating fewer calories, weight loss is possible. However, it can backfire if you go overboard and overeat on the “fasting days.”

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Protein Shake Diet

Protein shakes replace meals throughout the day. Adriana Lima supplemented her shakes with powdered eggs to prepare for Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. The risk with going on an all-liquid diet is putting your body on hibernation mode and possibly make it harder to lose weight.

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7-Day Color Diet

Christina Aguilera followed the 7-day color diet to vary her meals. Each day has a different color focus. For example, on green days you can eat anything in the green spectrum. It’s a good way to get creative, but it can be a challenge to cook when ingredient options are minimal. Most fruits and veggies fall under one of the color categories, but it limits the amount of protein needed for a balanced diet. Also, deciding what to eat while dining out would be inconvenient.

Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is literally eating just cabbage soup for a week. Sarah Michelle Gellar has tried this low-calorie diet. The key to not getting tired of eating cabbage soup for a week is to vary the ingredients and limit carb and protein intake. Unfortunately, the diet isn’t a long-term solution to keeping off the pounds.

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The Detox Tea Diet

The Kardashian clan is known to endorse detox teas. The teas claim to increase metabolism, improve energy levels, and serve as an appetite suppressant. However, they have laxatives properties that lead to irregular bowel movements. It’s easy for the weight to pile back on once solids are added back to your diet.

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