30 Risky Prescription Medicines

30 Risky Prescription Medicines. As a note, you should speak to a doctor before starting or stopping any medication. Some medications should not be stopped suddenly, and not speaking to a medical professional can be detrimental to the body. 

In this day and age, medicine is thrown around without regard to what it actually is. We barely know what the pills we have are made of or what the active ingredients are, much less how they affect our bodies or minds. For some reason, we still use them, and we aren’t really curious about what they are. If you have a headache, you’re reaching for that pill bottle. Runny nose? Pills. Upset stomach? Rummaging in the medicine cabinet again. We rely on medicine for any and every ailment we have, big or small, no matter how frequently we struggle with that problem.

When we have even larger problems, like chronic diseases, illnesses, or cancer, we think about what we’re ingesting even less. But with those bigger problems we’re facing, there are often people telling us to take the pills, so we do, no questions asked. But the problem is that we don’t consider what the side effects of those pills are. Has it been around long enough to determine the long-term effects? Has it been thoroughly tested? Are there bad side effects? Lifestyle changes? There are so many questions that we are just taught to not ask. Well, people didn’t ask when they took these drugs, and things did not turn out too well for them.


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